Invitation – Glendale International Film Festival


glendale film festival - invitation

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  4. Edward Arambula says:

    Mr. Randy Juardo Ertil,

    I found your article in the Sunday opinion section of the Daily News (10/09/16) very interesting. I too grew up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood (aka barrio). Fortunately, I was not as traumatized by police officers following me home from school just because I have dark skin and dressed like all the other kids in my neighborhood. Not that I did not have any contact with the cops, as a teenager my friends and I were occasionally stopped while cruising in our lowriders. But, thanks to my parents, I had been taught to respect authority and to answer adults, even cops, with respect, as a result my encounters were usually positive. I guess you and I were raised differently. ¬
    As for your statement that over the past few decades, thousands of young Latino men have been shot and killed by police officers throughout the United States and that it is an epidemic. Can you please cite some statistics to back that up? I’m very curious about this horrific epidemic. I’m sure your opinion is based on a great deal of research into the subject so maybe you can tell me if most of those shooting took place in neighborhoods that have the highest crime rates or were most of these shooting the result of police singling out people they want to kill. Basically, are the number of police shooting consistent with the crime rates? I would just like some stats to support your opinion. Also you state “many times the victim (is that victim or suspect?) is accused of carrying a weapon or being a gang member to justify the murder.” Murder? Do you know the definition of murder and can you back up that hypothesis?
    I agree that the Black Lives Matter movement has brought more attention to fatal police shooting but it has also resulted in more hatred, violence and racism. In my opinion we don’t need more activist or movements. We do need more discussion on the subject and maybe less sensationalizing and jumping to conclusions and more basing opinions on facts and hard evidence.
    You seem to harbor hard feeling from your youth against police and want to place the blame for the violence and shootings solely on the police. So your answer is more over site and police training. How convenient. I say it’s a societal problem and the answers involve some police training and oversight, and better equipment. But that alone will not solve the problem. Young people need proper guidance and that come from responsible parenting. Parents need to teach their children respect; respect for themselves and others, respect for the law and respect for authority and they should be taught that all lives matter.
    I hope you get over your police phobia

    Edward J. Arambula, LAPD Retired

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