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Philip Victor December 15 at 9:52am Report

Hey Randy!

I picked up your book again. Now I’m hooked. It is an engaging read, and is very informative; on the level of the Autobiography of Malcom X. You not only capture your life story, but also cructial history of Latinos in the United States and Central America.

As a comic book/ fiction writer, I like how you mentioned wanting to fly away from school like Superman with your red jacket (as a cape), and your admiration for El Santo and wrestling. I also like your mention of Cesar Chavez. In my soon to be released Peace Man comic book, I have a highlight on Cesar Chavez as well.

And I can relate to some of your exeperinces having grown up in Los Angeles and being the son of immigrants. It is nice to connect with an author on that level too.

Your education at Occidental College and community activism set a good example for youth and adults alike. And your opinions and perspective of the world are very clear and concious. You are a hero and a leader!

I’m ready for the sequel! “Hope In Times Of Brightness”! :)

Randy, wishing you all the very best in your book signing! Very much looking forward to an educational read.
I thank you for mentioning me in your observations. El Salvador has another son to be proud of!

Debra DeBose September 8, 2010 at 9:47pm Report

Randy, I heard your interview today on NPR. I can hardly wait to get the book, read it and share it with my students and staff at Willard School. Congratulations on this major accomplishment.

Joel Portillo February 26 at 12:10pm Report

Excelente libro, me encanto, te felicito

e-mail comment:

From: Mark Eiduson
Subject: re: Excellent Book!
Date: Monday, February 14, 2011, 7:40 AM

Hi Randy,

I’m still reading my way through your book, but the power of your story shines through from the beginning. You’re quite a survivor! By Mark Eiduson, Director of Strategic Partnerships Flintridge Center – Building Community Together

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